In a down draft spray booth, air isn’t just supposed to touch or brush up against the section of the car being painted, it should completely envelope it – in fact, all of the air flowing into the spray booth should be directed in this manner. If the doors are leaking air from your spray booth, either due to improper latching or worn seals, your booth will be less efficient, use more energy and take longer to complete the cycle, all of which can cost you and your business money. However, more cabin pressure isn’t always better, because exceedingly high pressure can disrupt the air flow and move dust, dirt and other airborne particles in the paint. Inversely, low air flow will result in slowness of the air, which can also result in airborne particles landing in the paint. Finally, a clogged or small air filter can restrict air flow or allow non-filtered air to enter the booth, leading to contamination. Our proprietary monitoring system alerts you when your booth is not operating at peak performance. With monitoring points on the exhaust , intake, burner, and other components, a real-time live report is available anywhere you have access to a computer. Making sure that your booth is operating at peak efficiency means you will spend less money on down time from inoperable equipment to saving even more by spending less time buffing and polishing to have a perfect finish. Contact us today about how we can install our system and show you how Airflow = Cashflow.