Blowtherm Paint Booth Filters

Blowtherm paint booths are a part of one of the most common manufacturing brands within the industry. Like most other spray booths, they come with ceiling filters in addition to a pre-filter (the first stage of air filtration) and a secondary exhaust filter, which cleans the extra paint exiting from the booth.

Blowtherm Paint Booth Replacement Parts

To reduce particles from getting stuck in wet paint and interfering with the quality of spray paint jobs, it’s crucial to replace your filters regularly. Blowtherm filters typically resemble a bag or pocket filter with a metal frame and come in various widths and lengths for different booth models. Their pre-filters and secondary filters come in the same size, often making the installation process more convenient. Filters can be installed on either the ceiling or wall of most Blowtherm booths.

Blowtherm Filters

Blowtherm Paint Booth Troubleshooting and Repair

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