Garmat Paint Booth Filters

Like Blowtherm, Garmat paint booth filters are another popular choice among purchasing agents, body shop managers, and shops within the automotive and industrial paint industry. Though Garmat filters are manufactured in various different sizes, their most common filters tend to be 38.5” x 62” or 38.5” x 107”.

Garmat Paint Booth Parts

In Garmat booths, their paint booth filters are typically located on the ceiling. Besides using the same thick material as other ceilings/intake filters, some Garmat exhaust towers also use bag or sock filters, which are made from polyester and resemble birthday hats. Furthermore, other booths also make use of roll polyester media for their exhaust filters. These paint booth filters keep Garmat booths clean and prevent dust from mixing with wet paint, leaving finished paint jobs as smooth and polished as glass.

Garmat Filters

Garmat Paint Booth Maintenance

As mentioned in our ceiling/intake filters main category, these need to be changed at least once a year, sometimes 2-3 times for shops with more frequent usage. Depending on the number of jobs and paints you use, change your tower exhaust bags at least once every month or every quarter.

Garmat Paint Booth Parts For Sale

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