Spray booth intake filters, also known as ceiling filters, make up the second stage of the air filtration process. They can resemble large “blankets” with a thicker version of the polyester batting typically sewn into quilts. They can also be made up of individual pads meant to fit into a framework. Some paint booth filter pads have an integrated metal framework to increase their rigidity.

Not One Size Fits All

Like other spray booth filters, intake filters are typically not one-size-fits-all. Depending on the spray booth model, they can either be located on the ceiling, the wall, or the booth’s door.

How Often Spray Booth Filters Should be Changed

Filters need to be changed at least once a year. Shops that regularly perform paint work will require more frequent changes, often around 2-3 times a year.

Spray Booth Ceiling Intake Filters Categories

Ceiling Intake Filters 20” to 36” Width

Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Panel 20″ x 25″ – 20 Panels


Ceiling Intake Filters 20” to 36” Width

Spray Booth Ceiling Filter Panel 20″ x 20″ – 20 Panels


How Paint Booth Intake Filters Work 

  • Intake/ceiling filters function similarly to the way house furnaces filter dust and debris before passing air inside. In paint booths, the air is extracted from outdoors and is then recirculated inside the booth. 
  • Whereas pre-filters are used to remove large contaminants, intake/ceiling filters extract dust, dirt, and smaller particles from the airflow. 
  • Intake filters contain a wax inside its fibers known as the tackifier, an industrial-strength binding adhesive that helps filter material catch dust and other small articles inside the airflow. This minimizes the amount of particle contamination clinging to the wet paint.
  • In spray booths, even the smallest of particles can complicate a paint job, create preventable paint defects, require additional buffing, and contaminate the entire system. Intake/ceiling filters play a significant role in preserving spray booths from small contaminants and allowing paint jobs to finish with smooth, polished glass-like surfaces. 

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