Exhaust filters are the last stage of a paint booth’s air filtration system. They can be pads or rolls of media, depending on the application. Spray booth exhaust filters media can be used along the floors, along the side walls, and in exhaust towers at the end of the paint booths. They help spray booths meet regulations by catching all of the extra paint and remaining solvents before the air inside is released back into the environment. Because exhaust filters serve this essential purpose, they typically come built into every standard spray booth.

Exhaust Filter Categories

  • Fiberglass
  • Polyester
  • Cardboard
  • Paper products
  • Other types

Polyester exhaust media is typically much more efficient than fiberglass filters and will keep your equipment mechanicals cleaner and reduce breakdowns.

When to Change Your Exhaust Filter

Spray booth exhaust filters require much more frequent changes than their ceiling/intake filter and pre-filter counterparts. Depending on the number of paint jobs and the filter type, exhaust filters should regularly be changed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Spray Booth Exhaust Filters Categories

Paint Booth Exhaust Filters Stop Fumes

Every paint booth needs a method of ventilation within its air filtration system. If the filters remain dirty after a project and the dirty air can’t escape the booth, it becomes more likely to cause contamination bumps inside paint finishes and deteriorate the quality of your future projects. Exhaust filters trap toxic chemicals, fumes, and vapors from paint booths during and after every project while simultaneously ventilating the booth with clean, filtered air. This is an especially important health and safety precaution for those working inside auto shops, body shops, or other indoor workshops.

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