“Providing a superior paint finish is about more than just good paint, it requires perfect airflow in your spray booth! Money is wasted on buffing finishes and correcting paint mistakes because your airflow is incorrect or your paint booth filters are dirty. Our Patent Pending spray booth monitoring system helps eliminate these issues and save you money and frustration! “

Spray Booth Service’s Monitoring System is revolutionary in the automotive, aviation and industrial sectors as a way to maximize efficiency and provide quality paint finishes by monitoring your airflow, filter quality and spray booth systems. Our monitoring device can be fitted to all makes of booths and will alert your chosen personnel via email when problems arise. Not only is this system great for painters to know when to change filters, but also for management to make sure standard procedures are followed.

Our Spray Booth Monitoring System is THE SOLUTION!

Not Knowing When Your Filters Are Dirty Or Your Equipment Is Not Working At Its Peak Performance Is A Thing Of The Past!

Monitors Airflow for faster dry times

Perfect for single location shops as well as national providers with 100’s of locations

Note: system requires a monthly subscription of only $39 that will be billed separately after checkout. By purchasing this product you agree to the terms and conditions listed.

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