In the first stage, spray booths typically use pre-filters to clean the air. Also known as air makeup filters, pre-filtering keeps the air system purified from bugs, dirt, and other large debris that can potentially deteriorate your paint booth’s air filtration system. After pre-filtering, the purified air is then passed through ductwork (airflow distributor, often in the form of a long pipe) to the next stage.

Spray Booth Replacement Pre-Filters

Spray booth filters can come in a variety of different forms, such as metal screens, pads, or “bags.” However, not all spray booths come equipped with built-in pre-filters. Besides our pre-filters, Shop Spray Booth Parts also offers bag pocket filters for Blowtherm and GFS booths. Order your blow-them paint booth filters right below!

Spray Booth Air Makeup / Pre-Filters

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