Why switch from fiberglass to polyester filters?

Exhaust filters come in all types and sizes to capture paint and solvents before they exit your booth.The higher the efficiency of the filter, the more particles in the air are captured and not exhausted out to the atmosphere.

It is not uncommon in the industry to use inexpensive fiberglass filters, but it costing you a lot of money in the end.By switching to a polyester type filter, you are capturing more of the paint and solvents and that can make a big difference in your equipment.With less paint getting through the filter and into your exhaust ductwork, you are saving yourself potential breakdowns due to paint building up on the ductwork as well as on the fan blades. This will also prolong the lifespan of your equipment by reducing excessive wear and tear.In addition, fiberglass filter fibers can come lose and build up in your spray booth ductwork as well.The only way to clean your ductwork is to manually scrape your duct work and have your fan blades sand blasted which is a very costly procedure not including the loss of production from your booth being out of commission. The minimal cost difference by switching to polyester will pay for itself! Check out all of our polyester filter options today to take it to the next level!